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An Alternative Christmas

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The OFF Market

Place Grimmeissen (Petite France)

Through the “OFF Market” and the Dedicated small Alsatien producers we invite you to invest in Christmas traditions in a different way. It’s an opportunity to experience the Christmas holidays through mindful consumption. Here, we recycle, exchange, bargain-hunt, create and invent different, fair-trade, and original Christmas offerings.

At this market you’ll find a warm and friendly place to enjoy a rich and varied programme of events, talk about mindful consumption, and taste organic or fair-trade dishes.

Vintage furniture, customised clothing, original art creations, second-hand electric appliances and organic food – there is something for everyone at this market unlike the others!

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The Dedicated Small Alsatian Producers

Place des Meuniers

In one of the most secret squares in Strasbourg, local craftsmen offer local, 100% made in Alsace products on their stalls. These producers will share with you their taste for the simple things and give you the opportunity to discover their know-how: hot apple juice, jam, honey, gingerbread... it’s impossible not to succumb to the tastes of Alsatian products!