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Facilities for people with disabilities

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To help everyone enjoy Strasbourg as Christmas Capital, the City of Strasbourg is offering a number of different services.

Guided tours of the Christmas Market

Special tours for people with disabilities are organized. They will be led by an accredited tour guide.

When ? They will take place every Monday afternoon from 4pm to 6pm, starting on 27 November.

Where ? The start will be in front of the Aubette (you can stay in the hall if you need to).

What is the proposed tour ? Visit Place Kléber, Place Broglie, the market around the cathedral, Place Saint Thomas...

How to book your visit ? Book before 10am on the day of the visit at the generic Christmas address: Evenements-CapitaleDeNoel@strasbourg.eu. Please include your surname, first name and the disability concerned (with a certificate).

Loan of equipment

Walkers and wheelchairs will also be available to the public. These cannot be reserved, but you can borrow them free of charge from the information desk in Place Kléber, between 11.30am and 6.30pm.

The Homme de fer tram stop, right next to Place Kléber, will remain open throughout the event. Dedicated parking spaces are also available around Strasbourg's Grande-Île.

Are you looking for accommodation suitable for people with reduced mobility?

If you have a disability, whether auditory, mental, motor or visual, you need to know how to access the buildings and services offered by the establishment that can accommodate you.

Here you'll find a list of tourism professionals in Alsace with the Tourisme et Handicap label, who are committed to a quality approach focused on accessibility to leisure activities and holidays for all.

Did you know?

The Tourisme & Handicap mark has defined accessibility and reception criteria to ensure that tourism is accessible to all and as independent as possible. It takes into account, in particular, facilitated access to the establishment's buildings and services. It is also attentive to the personalised welcome reserved for tourists in terms of attention and friendliness.

A certified establishment that meets these criteria is subject to regular checks by trained and specialised assessors. Tourisme & Handicap (T&H) is the only government label awarded to tourism professionals who are committed to a quality approach focused on accessibility to leisure activities and holidays for all.

To find out more about this brand : Tourism & Disability