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Its famous Christmas market is called “Christkindelsmärik”, which means Christ Child Market in the Alsatian dialect. It is one of the oldest in Europe. It has been the high point of the year since 1570. 

Lit up by the many stars that brighten the city and those that shine in the eyes of children and adults, this 2022 edition, which aims to “Share the magic” is an invitation to enjoy a unique experience.

The wind blows through the branches of the Great Christmas Tree, the stars twinkle, snowflakes swirl down gently, ovens exude warmth and Christmas biscuits go into their tins as homes are scented with a fragrance of sweet spice.

Smells, sounds, sights, tastes, sensations… In Strasbourg, the values of Christmas fill your senses. Strasbourg puts on its finery, the Great Christmas Tree gets its many lights and numerous events are offered from November 25 as part of the festive season. It is a time for caring, continuing old traditions and sharing the magic of Christmas!