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A Citizen Jury to Shape the Future of Strasbourg, Capital of Christmas


A Citizen Participation Initiative

Strasbourg, Capital of Christmas: What Format for the Future ?

This citizen participation initiative aims to involve the residents of Strasbourg in the transformation of an event as emblematic as Strasbourg, Capital of Christmas. To set the framework for this consultation, a crucial first step was taken during the 2021 edition. Various phases will unfold until 2024, with the ultimate goal of evolving the event to :

  • Allow Strasbourg residents to reclaim the city center during this bustling period.
  • Provide everyone the opportunity to rediscover the true values of Christmas and share a more authentic, solidarity-driven, and eco-friendly Christmas.
  • Preserve the economic benefits of this event and thus the economic health of various stakeholders, including businesses, hotels, and restaurants, who rely on the event's attendance.

The 2021 Survey

This phase collected input from over 2,300 people.

The results of the survey demonstrate people's enthusiasm for this event. 80% of respondents stated that they had already visited the Strasbourg Christmas Market in previous years.

When asked, "How can we optimize the Strasbourg, Capital of Christmas event," the majority of respondents mentioned the following :

  • Partially revising the types of products offered for sale to enhance authenticity.
  • Improving the communication about the event.
  • Refreshing decorations and illuminations, especially in other neighborhoods of the city.
  • Enhancing the event's ecological aspect.
  • Expanding Strasbourg, Capital of Christmas to certain neighborhoods of the city.

Recommendations from the Citizen Jury

The Citizen Jury presented its final report and made 32 recommendations to evolve the format of Strasbourg, Capital of Christmas.

With over 80 hours, 8 working sessions, and 8 months of commitment, the 50 members of the jury undertook this mission with great motivation. These 50 citizen volunteers from Strasbourg were tasked with answering the question: "For a more socially, ecologically, and solidarily-oriented Strasbourg, Capital of Christmas event, how can Strasbourg residents reclaim this event in their daily lives, under their Christmas trees, and in all neighborhoods, while preserving its influence and tourist attractiveness ? "

TDownload the report: Final Opinion - Citizen Jury on the Future of Strasbourg, Capital of Christmas (pdf - 1,014 KB)

The Municipality's Response to the 32 Recommendations from the Citizen Jury

Eight months after being entrusted with the task of working on recommendations that could be implemented from 2023 onwards to evolve the format of Strasbourg, Capital of Christmas, the Citizen Jury presented its final report to the City of Strasbourg on January 10. A final session was held on March 4 at the Palais des Fêtes, during which Mayor Jeanne Barseghian discussed each of the 32 proposals one by one. The municipality has accepted 30 of them.

The Municipality's Commitments for Future Editions

1. The Evolution of Programming and Entertainment

Starting in 2023, family and Christmas traditions will be at the heart of Strasbourg, Capital of Christmas, with :

  • Dedicated offerings for children and families.
  • Christmas traditions and cultural programming at the heart of the event.
  • Highlighting craftsmanship and Christmas traditions.

2. Improving Product Offerings and Selecting Exhibitors

Because this involves significant work on the event's internal regulations, the evolution of product offerings will primarily take effect starting from the 2024 edition, with :

  • Emphasis on craftsmanship and local products, with the creation of a label or dedicated signage to promote the most virtuous exhibitors.
  • Establishment of new governance and legal tools, including changes to the selection committee and its missions and the internal regulations.

3. Ecological Transformation and Eco-Responsibility of the Event

Many of the recommended actions will be implemented from 2023 onwards. Some recommendations, especially those related to equipment changes, will continue until 2025, with :

  • Implementation of waste management on each square.
  • An event that combines magic with energy efficiency.

4. Strengthening Solidarity and Inclusion

Many of the recommendations related to this theme will be implemented from 2023 onwards. This will be an opportunity to amplify the momentum carried by the Village of Sharing and develop new inclusion actions, with the support of local solidarity actors, including :

  • A generous event for the most vulnerable, with the experimentation of donation spaces in the heart of the city and near Christmas market squares, as well as the launch of a reflection on a voucher system for vulnerable people valid at the Christmas market.
  • An inclusive Christmas for people with reduced mobility and disabilities.

5. Strengthening Territorial Equity and Reappropriation of the Event by Strasbourg Residents.

Most of the recommendations from the Citizen Jury will be implemented from 2023 and will bring more fluidity to the event, with :

  • Continuous spatial improvement.
  • The spirit of "advent" in the city's neighborhoods.
  • More effective communication.
  • A new hourly and calendar organization.

For more details, see the main developments and implementation schedule : The Municipality's Responses to the Citizen Jury (pdf - 1.7 MB)