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Un marché exemplaire

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The City of Strasbourg is leading a novel partnership effort to make Strasbourg Capitale de Noël a more restrained, more authentic and more responsible market. 

Local residents, visitors and merchants experience Strasbourg Capitale de Noël in their own particular way. In order to ensure that the event best meets the – sometimes divergent – expectations of all, with the 2021 edition, the City of Strasbourg initiated a partnership with merchants as well as the people of Strasbourg, in the form of a wide public consultation that began in December 2021. 
Find out more about the highlights of the approach and the tasks of the citizens’ jury.

Strasbourg Capitale de Noël 2021: the first edition to mark the turning point in the format of the event

Thus, measures were implemented in December 2021 to address the expectations of residents, visitors and merchants, including the following:

  • continued streetcar traffic in the city center,
  • reopening of bridges and footbridges,
  • end of roadblocks,
  • spacing of stalls and their spread beyond the central island.

These measures have also made it possible to offer a new cultural program and an artistic tour that highlights the heritage of Strasbourg.
The 2022 edition continues the effort made in 2021.

For the whole program, go to this page.

Strasbourg Capitale de Noël sets an example in terms of energy restraint

When added together, every small action will help reduce our total energy consumption. 

  • Christmas lights will go out one hour earlier, at 11 p.m. (instead of midnight);
  • City installations will be reduced by 20% on the most brightly lit streets. 
  • The lights will be taken down gradually from January 8.


During the entire event, the City of Strasbourg will make sure that the following basic rules are applied: 

  • Exterior lighting of chalets to be on from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m.; 
  • Interior and exterior lighting of chalets to use LED technology;
  • Heating devices in non-enclosed spaces will be prohibited, in accordance with the decree of March 31, 2022 of the Climate Law of August 22, 2021.

Strasbourg sets an example for waste sorting 

For the first time in the Strasbourg Christmas market, organic waste will be sorted by specialists on place Broglie and place de la Cathédrale. 

Strasbourg sets an example for innovation

The Christmas market innovatively offers mulled wine in cups made from bio-sourced materials such as corn and other non-GMO grains. Come to the Sharing Village and the fringe market. 


Did you know? 

The new lighting scheme rolled out in the city since 2010 has led to the replacement of incandescent lamps with LED systems, which are more adjustable, stronger and above all far more energy efficient. The power requirements of public lighting have dropped by almost 25%, while the electricity consumption of Christmas lights is now only a tenth of what it was.

This more restrained, resolutely environmentally friendly system is in line with the rules of the French organization that combats light pollution and the LUCI (Lighting Urban Community International) network.