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The Christmas lantern

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La lanterne de Noël

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Together, let’s keep watch over the Christmas spirit by decorating our windows with a do-it-yourself Christmas lantern!

Last year, Strasbourg's residents were invited to make their own papercut Christmas lantern and hang it in their window so that everyone could watch over the spirit of Christmas together. We invite you to recreate the lantern once again this year!

Michèle Wagner has devised how to make this lantern and she explains to you how to go about it in the tutorial below.

To start:

If you have a printer, download the template and you will be able to directly print your pattern to be cut out, preferably on 180-g white paper. Then all you have to do is follow Michèle Wagner's tips for cutting it out in the video tutorial available further down on this page!

Christmas lantern template


And if you would like to make these lanterns with young children, you can simply download and print the pattern to color in!

Download the pattern to color in


We hope that you have a great time making them and can't wait to see lots of Christmas lanterns in Strasbourg's windows!