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The small producers of Alsace - Irréductibles Petits Producteurs d'Alsace

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The small producers of Alsace

Local - Square Louise Weiss

The small producers of Alsace known as the Irréductibles Petits Producteurs d'Alsace

A little advice from Strasbourg

Not far from here, the covered bridges and the Vauban dam are well worth a visit. From the roof of the dam, you can enjoy an uninterrupted view of the city and its cathedral.

Here, farmers and craftsmen better known as the Irréductibles Petits Producteurs d'Alsace offer local products 100% made in Alsace.

If you're looking to tantalise your taste buds, don't hesitate to drop by the Square Louise Weiss to discover a whole range of flavours: homemade jams, hot apple juice, chocolate in all its forms, Bredle, condiments, tasty biodynamic Alsace wines and many other marvels.

And what could be better than tasting it before taking it all away? You'll be able to eat on site and talk to these committed enthusiasts.

The Advent Village

After enjoying the delicacies offered by the Irréductibles Petits Producteurs d'Alsace, come and recharge your batteries and prepare for the festive season with friends and family in the Advent Village.

In keeping with the tradition of preparing for the festive season during the four weeks leading up to Christmas, this cheerful village offers plenty of opportunities for sharing and socialising. In a magical, timeless setting, it's the place to be for children and families, with its many events and activities.