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Fall in love with fine Alsatian Christmas cuisine

Fall in love with fine Alsatian Christmas cuisine

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Strasbourg, capital of Christmas, transforms for over a month into a real village of delights where you are sure to find something to thrill your taste buds. You've probably already heard of mulled wine and gingerbread? These are indeed essentials for any Alsatian Christmas, but — as you will discover — they are far from being the only specialties that you can enjoy as you stroll around...

Alsatian specialties given price of place at the Christmas Market

Mulled wine, bredele, männele, gingerbread, kougelhopf, bretzel… Not (yet) totally familiar with these names? You will be soon, once the flavors of all these Alsatian specialties have tickled your taste buds. Christmas is the perfect time to discover culinary traditions and taste all the specialties for which Strasbourg and its region are famous. 

You've come to the right place at the Christmas Market: Bakers from the Bas-Rhin region, Couronne d’Or winemakers, the Alsace wine-lovers association, Alsatian breweries, foie gras farm producers, gingerbread bakers, etc. will all be delighted to welcome you and share their passion as you wander around Strasbourg's sparkling alleyways. 

Enter the magical world of Bredele 

Enter the gourmet world of the famous Bredele, the classic Alsatian Christmas cookies. Butterbredle, zimtsterne, makrone, schwowebredle, anisbredele spritzbredle, etc. Their names are rather complicated to pronounce, but you'll quickly forget the difficulty once you've tasted them! 

Their many aromas — based on cinnamon, vanilla, aniseed and other spices — infuse the streets of Strasbourg at Christmas, giving the city a warm and enchanting atmosphere typical of Alsace at this time of year. 

Nothing can compare with these must-haves for any Alsatian Christmas table, the recipes for which have been passed down in families from generation to generation. Which kind of bredele is your favorite? 

A fan of mulled wine or mulled beer?

Mulled wine is undoubtedly an unmissable Alsatian winter tradition. Designed to warm up visitors to Strasbourg, capital of Christmas, it is also a culinary specialty with many different recipes. 

The most popular is prepared with red wine, to which citrus fruit, cloves, cinnamon, star anise and spices are added. However, you will also find mulled white wine at the Strasbourg Christmas Market. 
The Couronne d’Or winegrowers wanted to come up with a mulled wine based on Alsatian white wine to showcase its quality, authenticity and the Alsatian terroir. It's a real hit with visitors to the Christmas Market... I'm sure you'll agree!

If you're not keen on mulled wine, did you know that Alsatian craft breweries offer an alternative: mulled beer? Once again, everyone has their recipe, which remains a jealously guarded secret! 

When it comes to enjoying wine or beer in moderation, there's something to suit everyone!

Foie gras and gingerbread: a treat for a great Christmas

While gingerbread is a resounding success at the Christmas Market, foie gras also comes up trumps. Put the two together... and we'll let you decide for yourself (we love it)!

Mireille Oster, the Alsatian gingerbread ambassadress, has been keeping alive and enriching the family know-how for years to make a little piece of gingerbread an unforgettable moment of escape. 

This gingerbread perfectly pairs with another fine gourmet specialty — foie gras, as well as any traditional duck or goose produce available from the region's farm producers.