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Taste a soup by Alsatian Michelin-starred chefs

Taste a soup by Alsatian Michelin-starred chefs

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Christmas in Strasbourg is synonymous with stars. Stars twinkling in the sky, eyes and hearts, as well as the taste buds with the participation of Alsatian Michelin-starred chefs! What about trying their famous "starry soup"?

Taste a soup created by an Alsatian Michelin-starred chef...

Meander around the Christmas Market and make a stop at the Village of Sharing in Place Kléber (just beside the Great Christmas Tree) to taste a soup concocted with love by one of the Michelin-starred chefs taking part in the event.  

You will be welcomed at the stand by one of the chefs in person. Yannick GERMAIN from L'Auberge au Bœuf restaurant in Sessenheim, Francis SCORDEL from La Carambole restaurant in Schiltigheim, Sébastien BUECHER from L'Auberge Frankenbourg restaurant in La Vancelle, and Pascal BASTIAN from Le Cheval Blanc restaurant in Lembach.

While the soup recipe differs from one chef to the next, each of them uses the same basic ingredients: culinary culture, quality and a spirit of solidarity, creating a mild and creamy soup whose smooth texture warms the heart. 

And make a gesture of solidarity for those in need! 

Christmas in Alsace is "the art of using food to create and share happiness." The Strasbourg Christmas Market's "starry soup" is a great example of this.

The Michelin-starred chefs have geared into action over the past several years to support the international charity collective Humanis and the collective for continuing the activities of the back-to-work scheme, with the aim of meeting the needs of 90 member organizations based in Alsace. 

As well as tickling your taste buds, tasting this soup is an opportunity to make a kind gesture of solidarity: profits from the sales are donated to these organizations' charity projects.

So don't hesitate to come and enjoy a generous dose of this starry magic potion under the twinkling Christmas tree!

From November 22 to December 24, Place Kléber. 
Info: http://soupeetoilee.humanis.org/