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Discover the spiritual symbols of Christmas

Discover the spiritual symbols of Christmas

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The Nativity scene is one of the symbols of Christmas. Strasbourg, Capital of Christmas, offers its visitors a nativity scene tour, allowing you to admire a wide variety of Christmas cribs. Every year at Christmas, they come to life again to allow you to relive this birth, a symbol of joy and hope. Here's a quick glimpse of those you can admire. 

Imposing nativity scenes...

First and foremost, don't miss out on the cathedral's nativity scene, a huge crib several meters long telling the story of the nativity from the Annunciation to the presentation at the Temple. It's simply fabulous! 

Another imposing and original crib made entirely of wood is found in the Episcopal Palace courtyard... The work is really incredible and the result impressive. 

Static cribs are lovely, but you can also find living nativity scenes: young people show you how over the four weekends before Christmas! That's all we'll tell you for now so as not to spoil the pleasure of discovery... 

... And other more hidden cribs! 

What makes the nativity scene tour in Strasbourg special is that it is not restricted to a few highly visible major sites... Many cribs have also been set up in the store display windows along Rue des Juifs! Yes, the storekeepers are also joining in to offer a visual treat! Look for the "Nativity scene tour" label on the windows and take the time to find and admire these beautiful nativity scenes. The variety and creativity of the cribs presented are impressive in terms of size, style and the materials used. 

Where can you admire the Christmas cribs? 

Visit the Episcopal Palace, Rue Brulée, Strasbourg Cathedral, the window displays of the stores on Rue des Juifs and the Rohan Palace courtyard.