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Discover European institutions by river boat

Discover European institutions by river boat

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Strasbourg, Capital of Christmas… but also a European capital! With its Belgian colleague Brussels, Strasbourg is the European city that hosts the institutions of the European Union. Why not make the most of your stay in Alsace to combine pleasure and practicality by going to discover them and learn more about this facet of European history? 

The European district, along the water

The European institutions are located just outside the heart of Strasbourg city center in the European district. Although accessible by train, people sometimes hesitate to go there when visiting the Strasbourg Christmas market on the Grande Île. But here's our tip if you want to go to see them: quite simply travel by boat! 

Batorama offers you the chance to discover the European institutions during its river boat trips that take place every day. As well as visiting Strasbourg's medieval heart and its charming canals, then the Neustadt (both listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site), you will discover the European district and its famous institutions at the boat's peaceful pace. 

Strasbourg and its European institutions

The European Parliament, the European Court of Human Rights, the Council of Europe, as well as the headquarters of the Franco-German channel Arte, etc. You can admire the buildings of the institutions that you hear about so often in the news and learn more about how they function. 

If you're an architecture enthusiast, there's no doubt that you'll be won over by these discoveries, particularly the impressive Louise Weiss building, the seat of the European Parliament. All in glass, understated and unmistakably modern, it rises majestically on the banks of the Ill and generally leaves no one indifferent... So, get out your cameras and cast off: we're on our way!