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Discover the new Meisenthal Christmas bauble

Discover the new Meisenthal Christmas bauble

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Have you heard of Meisenthal Christmas baubles? No? Then let us fill you in: it's impossible to pass by these beauties as you stroll around Strasbourg, Capital of Christmas...

The Meisenthal International Glass Art Center: a hub of excellence

The Meisenthal International Glass Art Center (CIAV) is based in Meisenthal, a small town in the Moselle region. Its glassmakers keep the age-old expertise of manufacturing Christmas baubles alive. Each bauble from the workshop is entirely hand-made! 

Far from only reproducing traditional styles, CIAV is firmly in step with the times, calling on the talents of a new designer each year. 

Tradition has it that the new Christmas bauble for the year is revealed to the public every year in November. A vintage bauble that is added to the Meisenthal collection's contemporary line... and decorates many Alsatians' Christmas tree! 

Lab: Meisenthal's Christmas bauble for 2019

In 2019, the Christmas ball is named Lab. Lab as a laboratory, since it is from laboratory glassware that the designers Clara Bellet and Clémence Paillieux were inspired, in collaboration with the CIAV glass craftsmen.

Won over? Visit the International Glass Art Center stand in Place Benjamin Zix to buy your bauble!