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Discover the new Meisenthal Christmas bauble

Discover the new Meisenthal Christmas bauble

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Have you heard of Meisenthal Christmas baubles? No? Then let us fill you in: it's impossible to pass by these beauties as you stroll around Strasbourg, Capital of Christmas...

The Meisenthal International Glass Art Center: a hub of excellence

The Meisenthal International Glass Art Center (CIAV) is based in Meisenthal, a small town in the Moselle region. Its glassmakers keep the age-old expertise of manufacturing Christmas baubles alive. Each bauble from the workshop is entirely hand-made! 

Far from only reproducing traditional styles, CIAV is firmly in step with the times, calling on the talents of a new designer each year. 

Tradition has it that the new Christmas bauble for the year is revealed to the public every year in November. A vintage bauble that is added to the Meisenthal collection's contemporary line... and decorates many Alsatians' Christmas tree! 

Arti: Meisenthal's Christmas bauble for 2018

In 2018, the Christmas bauble was christened Arti. Arti for artichoke as this was the vegetable that inspired its designer Nathalie Nierengarten, the granddaughter of a glassmaker and Meisenthal native. 

Won over? Visit the International Glass Art Center stand in Place Benjamin Zix to buy your bauble!