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Admire the city's finest facades on the quays

Admire the city's finest facades on the quays

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Strasbourg, Capital of Christmas, is held on the Grande Île, the historic heart of the city center. The location is fabulous but we'll let you into a secret: to admire a few of Strasbourg's most beautiful sights, you have to move away from the Grande Île slightly and go for a walk along the quays to enjoy a different perspective. Are you coming then? 

A new space conducive to walking

To make the most of this panoramic city walk, leave Grande Île by crossing Pont du Corbeau bridge, turn left and take a leisurely stroll along the quays. When night falls, you can admire the magnificent decorations in place, making you feel like you are walking through stars and fireflies. It's quite simply magical!

Incredible facades

From Quai des Bateliers, you can admire some of Strasbourg's finest facades. Observe the medieval facades of the half-timbered houses, as well — on the other side of the Ill — the beautiful little Place du Marché aux Poissons, the incredible, wonderfully illuminated Rohan Palace and, of course, in the background the spire of Strasbourg Cathedral rising into the sky.

Be sure to cross the little bridges over the Ill to admire the view that they offer: between the river, the magnificent buildings bordering it, and the fabulous decorations adding colorful luminous touches to the landscape, there is a magical, almost unreal atmosphere at the close of day. Welcome to Strasbourg, Capital of Christmas! Something tells us that there are more (great) surprises in store for you...