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Strasbourg by night

Strasbourg by night

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People come during the festive season to visit Strasbourg for its Christmas Market. The chalets are undoubtedly worth the trip, but did you know that simply strolling through the city was enough to sweep you up in the magic of Christmas? To make this stroll unforgettable, we've a secret for you: Strasbourg at Christmas is even more enchanting and beautiful at night...

Let yourself be tempted by a nighttime getaway in the illuminated city

During the Christmas period, Strasbourg is adorned in lights that make the whole city sparkle brightly: streets, facades, churches, windows, bridges, houses and balconies, etc. Everything is decorated and illuminated! Over and above the Christmas Market chalets, the whole city is in a festive mood to celebrate Advent. 

The best time to wander around the streets of Strasbourg is at nightfall, from 4 p.m. As the light gradually fades away, you are swept up in the softness of night and slowly plunged into the magical atmosphere that makes Strasbourg the capital of Christmas. 

Take the time to saunter at your own pace through the streets of Strasbourg and, above all, look up! In addition to the rich Christmas decorations, the illuminations and lights reveal the city's fabulous architecture: medieval and Renaissance facades with both French and German influences, in the middle of which towers the Cathedral of Our Lady of Strasbourg, whose pink sandstone is enhanced by the diodes that illuminate it. 

Don't miss taking a stroll along the just recently renovated Quai des Bateliers. As well as its magnificent lighting, you can admire superb facades reflected in the water... Don't forget to bring your camera — the reflections are extremely photogenic! 

Strasbourg by night, along the water

It's up to you to make the enchantment of your walk last a little longer with the charm of a nighttime river boat trip along the Ill at the heart of the illuminated city. Along the river as the boat slowly glides through the darkness, Strasbourg's exceptional heritage and its lights are revealed from a new perspective... 

You're sure to return home with wonderful memories from your nighttime wanderings!