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Enjoy authentic Alsatian mulled white wine!

Enjoy authentic Alsatian mulled white wine!

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Christmas is in full swing in Strasbourg! It's the time to get together with friends or family, slightly removed from the hustle and bustle of the traditional Christmas markets, and soak up the warm and intimate atmosphere of the Saint Etienne neighborhood. But what would a Christmas market be without its must-have mulled wine? Once again this year, the Alsace wine-lovers association is offering you its delicious Alsatian mulled white wine to warm body and heart. 

For lovers of Strasbourg... and Alsatian wines! 

La Tribu des Gourmets du Vin d’Alsace is an association bringing together winegrowers and wine-lovers, all fond of Strasbourg, whose aim is to renew the age-old ties between the Alsatian capital and vineyards. It works to restore Alsatian wines to their rightful place in Strasbourg and make residents proud to taste Alsatian wines!

With this goal in mind, the idea of mulled white wine gradually took shape: why not turn Alsatian white wine — a real local product — into an iconic Christmas drink? 

Where can you taste the famous Alsatian mulled white wine?

Visit the Rohan Palace terrace to enjoy this delicious mulled white wine with spicy notes. To find the stand, look for the large wooden barrels serving as cooking pots: it's the time to stop for a glass and gather around a "stammtisch," a typically Alsatian table for getting together. Whether you come from Strasbourg or not, the wine-lovers association will gladly welcome you with a smile!

If you would like to make it at home, here's the recipe for Alsatian mulled white wine (to drink in moderation, of course)

Music and mulled wine on the menu!

What do you say to mulled wine AND a concert? See you at Place Saint-Etienne and Place du Palais des Rohan for the Mulled wine acoustic sets on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. You can enjoy concerts scheduled by the Alsace wine-lovers association while you sip your mulled wine. A fun and friendly atmosphere guaranteed! Discover the program here right away: http://tribudesgourmets.eu/notre-vin-chaud-au-marche-noel-de-strasbourg/