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See Christmas in a new way at Strasbourg's OFF Market

See Christmas in a new way at Strasbourg's OFF Market

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Strasbourg's OFF Market is held as part of the traditional Christmas Market. What's an OFF market? It's a market that is a little bit different and offers a change of perspective during the festive season. The OFF market is the socially responsible, civic-minded Christmas market in Strasbourg, Capital of Christmas... Intrigued? We'll be your guide! 

Different consumption habits

The OFF market hosts stands that encourage you to rethink your consumption habits. It features second-hand clothes, toys or electrical appliances, jewelry by local designers, fair trade products, etc. Here, people produce, recycle, swap, thrift, create and invent a different, socially responsible and original Christmas offering. The Off Market allows you to experience the festive season in a new way and embrace meaningful consumption!

Take a look around the different stands and have a conversation over a delicious glass of mulled wine in this friendly venue very much appreciated by Strasbourg residents. Also don't forget to take a photo with the wooden reindeer Léon, the OFF Market's mascot, and admire the digital Christmas tree that has pride of place in Place Grimmeisen. 

A host of events

A host of events for all audiences are offered at the OFF market. You can attend exciting conferences, take part in various workshops, admire street art, come for brunch on Sundays or even get an introduction to 3D printing!

The OFF Market is playing host to AV.Lab, Strasbourg's fab lab, which is organizing a large number of workshops allowing everyone to create their own Christmas presents or even go home with their 3D-printed bust… 

Take it from us: there's something to suit every style and budget at this market unlike any other!