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Skate in a magical setting

Skate in a magical setting

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Here's a great activity to do in Strasbourg, Capital of Christmas: you can now slip on your skates and take to the ice in the dream setting of Place Kléber... Yes, the square hosting the magnificent Christmas tree! You asked for it and Strasbourg, Capital of Christmas did it! 

Two spaces for big and small

You can visit the Strasbourg Christmas Market ice rink at any age. Two spaces allow you to enjoy the joys of skating: a large ice rink for seasoned skaters and an ice garden reserved for children and people just starting out on ice skates. 

Whether you want to try ice skating for the first time, warm up after strolling through the city (instead of mulled wine!) or quite simply have fun with your family or friends, the ice rink is the place to be! 

A dream setting 

It's a real pleasure to skate in the magical surroundings of Place Kléber! At the heart of Strasbourg, Capital of Christmas, you'll enjoy the finest of settings. A large Christmas tree on one side and the strikingly lit Aubette building on the other, the square's beautiful facades and the spire of the cathedral in the distance... You've been warned, if you come to Strasbourg, Capital of Christmas, you're sure to experience the extraordinary!