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Help decorate a Christmas tree

Help decorate a Christmas tree

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Admiring a Christmas tree is all very well... But creating your own decorations and going to hang them yourself on the Christmas tree put up in one of Strasbourg's finest squares is even better, don't you think? You're in luck: that's exactly what you can do in Strasbourg, Capital of Christmas!

Creative family workshops 

Families are king at the Strasbourg Christmas Market! As well as organizing daily shows, the "Christmas Playground" offers creative workshops for children on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays during the Christmas Market. Don't hesitate to step into the heated big tent set up in Place du Marché Gayot, one of the most beautiful squares in Strasbourg (which is still a bit of a secret!). 

There, you will be welcomed by leaders who will help your children create beautiful Christmas decorations. Cutting out, sticking on and coloring in... Little hands enthusiastically get to work and new creations come to life over the course of the afternoon. Once they are finished, you can see the pride in children's eyes: "I made it myself!" 

The workshop is also an opportunity to share a fun time as a family and take a slightly different approach to Christmas: it can also be meaningful to make something instead of shopping!

A participative Christmas tree 

Once the workshop has finished, children can hang their creation on one of the branches of the tree in Place du Marché Gayot. 

This is a participative Christmas tree: everyone can make their contribution, and the tree becomes even more beautiful each day as each person's creations are added... A beautiful symbol of sharing and togetherness for the festive season, don't you think?