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Set off to discover excellent craftsmanship

Set off to discover excellent craftsmanship

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Looking to bring back an exceptional souvenir from your trip to the Strasbourg Christmas Market as well as meet passionate designers? Throughout the festive period, Strasbourg's Grande Île is buzzing with craftsmanship talent. A real hive of artisans and designers chosen for their exceptional talent, passion and know-how is taking up residence on the first floor of the Aubette... So don't hesitate to come and do some shopping! 

Meet the Best Workers in France (MOFs)

As well as discovering and admiring their masterpieces and talent, you will have the chance to discuss their role with regard to younger generations. 

Learn how — over and above apprenticeship — they share and pass on their know-how through a whole system of values and indispensable traditions for becoming an excellent craftsperson. Over the centuries, this transmission has become a real duty for the MOFs!

Dates and times to be confirmed.

Dare to try the OZ Crafts Fair

Running short of original ideas for your Christmas presents? Don't worry, you should find something to please here! 

Some sixty artistic craftspersons from the Alsatian Federation of Crafts (Fremaa) have set up shop in a room in the Aubette divided into two spaces: a show and sale with artisans presenting their latest collections and a pop-up store offering art and craft creations from all over France. 

A wealth of professionals, including ceramicists, glassmakers, cabinetmakers, engravers, gilders, bookbinders, woodcutters, fashion and jewelry designers, and more, whose bold and contemporary creations are sure to delight.

At the OZ trade fair, you will also find magnificent bespoke or limited edition items that are original, unusual, atypical and authentic in one. Perfect for leaving Strasbourg with a beautiful souvenir...

Dates and times to be confirmed.

Discover the Craft Guilds 

From November 24 to December 24 from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m., the Crafts Guilds are coming to Place Broglie. An opportunity to come and discover craftsmanship from Strasbourg and Alsace! 

Unique to Alsace-Moselle, the Craft Guilds offer you original, authentic products, the fruit of incomparable know-how acquired over time. From wood craftspeople to brewers through upholsterers, browse and contemplate the selection of creations presented on the stalls. You are sure to find something to please!