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Christmas for children

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Noël pour les enfants

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Christmas is undoubtedly the favorite holiday of children big and small. To bring the magic of Christmas to life, there's nothing better than Christmas songs and rhymes, Christmas crafts and drawings, or making bredele cookies, all Christmas activities you can share as a family...

Workshops and crafts

Making the star of Strasbourg, Capital of Christmas

Have a fun, entertaining time making your Christmas paper star to decorate your home

Download the star tutorial



Cutting out the lantern

Here you’ll find the tutorial for cutting out the lantern to hang in your window. Little ones can simply color it in!

Lantern tutorial



Tales and shows

“Le Noël du Bois Joli” storytelling

On the snowy paths of the Beautiful Wood, you can meet cheeky elves, a kindly big bear and... Santa Claus himself!

Storytelling offered by the City of Strasbourg’s media libraries.




"Zoé et le sapin magique": an audio story

Magical gifts appear at the foot of the Great Christmas tree on Place Kléber each time that night falls, but this year the tree is blinking strangely and there are hardly any presents... Zoé and Arsène roam the city to solve the mystery...

Discover a new episode of this children's podcast every Monday on the Strasbourg Tourist Office website.




Cooking and eating

Christmas is the perfect occasion to cook with your children and share a fun time together.

All our recipe ideas for cooking with children