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Le Quai des Délices

Le Quai des Délices

Gourmet - Terrace rohan, place du marché-aux-poissons

A little advice from Strasbourg

Take a seat in a convivial area on the Rohan terrace and watch the stars twinkling on the quayside in front of you! From the Pont du Corbeau to the Pont Saint-Guillaume, almost 400 stars hang here and there, highlighting the city's rich historical and architectural heritage.

Gingerbread, sweets and other Christmas treats were the focus of attention as far back as the Middle Ages with the St Nicholas market, and again from 1570 when this was replaced by the Chrìstkìndelsmärik. Above all, the Christmas Market is the place to go shopping for the festive season!

Le Quai des Délices is 100% gourmet. Here, you'll find all the flavours you need to share a delicious meal, to give as a gift or even just to enjoy until the big night.

On the terrace of the Palais Rohan, you'll find a selection of fine wines from the region's vineyards. Those with a sweet tooth will be able to pick up some traditional Bredle and be seduced by the bakers' stands.

Take the opportunity to admire the view down to the River Ill, with the ballet of boats on the river and strollers along the quays.

Just next door, on the Place du Marché-aux-poissons, continue your tasting tour with the savoury, hoppy or otherwise appetising offerings.