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Make your own Christmas presents!

Make your own Christmas presents!

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We often think of the beautiful items we will be able to buy at the Christmas Market... That's true, but did you know that you can also make them yourself? Strasbourg, Capital of Christmas, offers you a host of DIY (Do it yourself) workshops. Take part in one of them and proudly go home with what you've made! 

Workshops for everyone

The workshops organized for the Strasbourg Christmas Market are very varied and aimed at all audiences. Whatever your age, you are sure to find one to please! The hardest thing will be to choose which one to take part in... Don't forget to book to secure your spot as the workshops are very popular. 

Come and create at the Off Market!

Strasbourg's OFF market, the socially responsible, civic-minded market in Place Grimmeisen, is organizing an impressive number of workshops for young and old. For instance, children will be able to do little games, create lights, get an introduction to ceramics, or even write to Santa Claus in the writing workshops. 

Adults can learn how to make a recycled tote bag with La Recyclerie or discover 3D printing and laser cutting at the AV.LAB collective's FabLab. 

Come and make your Christmas presents yourself, customize a T-shirt or tote bag, make a pot for your plants, etc. There's an incredible choice on offer! You can even scan your face and leave with your 3D-printed bust: quite the souvenir to bring back home!

"Christmas Playground" workshops

In Place du Marché Gayot, the "Christmas Playground" is also organizing lots of workshops for children. Every day, families can come to create their own Christmas decorations.