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Marvel at the Christmas lights and decorations

Marvel at the Christmas lights and decorations

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If you think that Strasbourg at Christmas is all about its markets, then come and visit us! You'll discover a whole city in celebration dressed in all its finery. Ready to be wowed? Here are a few tips for a successful stroll...

Stroll in a magical setting

Take the time to wander through the city center, follow the charming pedestrian alleyways as the mood takes you, and above all look up to admire every detail of the sumptuous decorations surrounding you. The atmosphere is magical! 

The streets, houses, church facades, windows and balconies shine brightly thanks to the countless decorations, each more original than the last. Sparkling Christmas baubles in one direction, huge teddy bears in another, and delicious large candy canes in yet another... The surprises continue! 

Follow the guide!

We're definitely not going to reveal everything (we've got to keep some things a surprise!), but here are a few places we recommend including on your walking tour:

  • The Gate of Lights - Magical and sparkling in white and gold, decorated with two giant bears connected by a hoop of stars, this arch is the gateway to the Christkindelsmärik. Welcome to Strasbourg, Capital of Christmas! 
  • The Carré d’Or – Baccarat crystal chandeliers in the street itself? Yes, you're not dreaming, you're in Rue des Hallebardes! Don't hesitate to turn down the surrounding streets as well: you have found yourself in the Carré d'Or, one of the city's most richly decorated neighborhoods... 
  • The sparkling Grand’Rue — Plunge into the magical atmosphere of the Grand’Rue as you wander along under its sky of sparkling lights. Don't forget to go past the intersection with Rue du Fossé-des-Tanneurs to admire the giant chandelier and its magical gourmand decorations...
  • Giant Christmas baubles — Make a date for November 22 to admire 15 fabulous giant Christmas baubles shimmering in gold and silver. 
  • Magic’halles — Who doesn't sometimes want to go back to their childhood? Immerse yourself in your childhood memories, admiring the decorations on the two magical trees in Place des Halles. Stars, rocking horses and bears await you...
  • Barrel walk — Have you already seen the bright and sparkling barrels? You can admire them in Rue des Tonneliers, in a nod to the street's history. In days gone by, barrels were delivered on the quays and then rolled to the stores.