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Place Broglie

A little advice from Strasbourg

It's a must for every visit to Strasbourg, the Christmas Capital: immortalise the moment by taking a photo under the arch of the Chrìstkìndelsmärik.

Chrìstkìndelsmärik is the name given in Alsatian dialect to Strasbourg's traditional Christmas Market. First held in 1570, it is one of the oldest in Europe, and for a long time the only one in France. After taking over various locations in the city (the Cathedral forecourt, Place du Château, Place Kléber, etc.), it was in 1871 that this Strasbourg Christmas Capital event took up permanent residence on Place Broglie.

Go under the famous Chrìstkìndelsmärik arch and explore a warm and unique atmosphere where the scent of cinnamon mingles with the flavours of Alsace: sauerkraut, tarts flambées and other specialities.

It's one of the best places to find decorations for your Christmas tree and Christmas table. Once you're there, take the opportunity to walk past the Hôtel de Ville and discover an exhibition of archives about Strasbourg's Christmas Market behind the chalets.