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The Carré Or market

Le marché du Carré d'Or

Craft - Place du Temple Neuf

A little advice from Strasbourg

Just a few steps from here is the Rue des Orfèvres, decked out in its finest illuminations. It's often very popular, so take your time crossing it and immerse yourself in a Christmas fairytale. At the end of the street, you'll be surprised by Strasbourg's Notre-Dame Cathedral.

Looking for a nice gift to give? The Place du Temple Neuf is full of wonders: decorations, candles, sweets, jewellery, sweet and savoury treats... there's something for everyone!

And if you want to extend your discovery, the surrounding streets are full of renowned boutiques and artisan pastry-makers, chocolate-makers, restaurateurs, bakers, cheese-makers... After browsing through the shop windows, don't forget to admire the magical decor of the district.