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Watch a Christmas show as a family

Watch a Christmas show as a family

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Children haven't been forgotten in Strasbourg during the festive season! As part of a family Christmas, several activities are available for the whole family. In addition to the participative Christmas tree and activities organized in the Place du Marché Gayot, a range of shows are offered for children. Why not make the most of them to take a break as a family and enjoy a special moment with your children?

A timeless moment as a family

Every afternoon, the Christmas Playground's tents welcome you in a fun and merry atmosphere. Parents and children of all ages are welcome: the Christmas Playground shows are suitable for young and old alike. 

You have to feel at home to really enjoy the show and the hosts make sure that parents and children are comfortably settled. Take off your coat and shoes and sit on large cushions on the ground. The show can begin! The lights go out and the chatter of children quickly fades away: as if by magic, everyone is swept up in the show... 

There are a variety of shows to choose from, ranging from traditional tales to more modern stories, a magic show to a musical tale. What do they have in common? They all delight young and old, allowing them to enjoy a truly magical, timeless moment during the Christmas season. The applause at the end of each show is the proof!