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Admire Strasbourg's three Christmas trees!

Admire Strasbourg's three Christmas trees!

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The Christmas tree is the iconic symbol of the season. In Strasbourg, we are offering you not one but three different Christmas trees, allowing everyone to enjoy three original experiences. It's up to you to choose the one you like best!


Take a selfie in front of the Great Christmas Tree in Place Kléber

The Great Christmas Tree in Place Kléber is the symbolic heart of Strasbourg, the capital of Christmas, and without a doubt THE star of the Christmas Market. You can't come to Alsace and not take a selfie in front of this magnificent tree! 

While it is already impressive during the day, we recommend that you come and admire it at nightfall, when it twinkles brightly, bringing the magic of Christmas to Place Kléber. A glass of mulled wine in hand, you'll be happy to linger admiring the beauty before you...

Admire another Christmas tree for a change of scene in Place Grimmeisen

We're offering you a change of scene at the heart of the Off Christmas Market: what if the Christmas tree took an alternative form? 

Made from a combination of traditional (wood) and modern (LED neon tubes) materials, this Christmas tree designed by the firm Av-Exciters is fully digitally controlled. Each LED is independent, allowing complete freedom when it comes to its visual effect. Impressive and totally different! 


Admire the participative Christmas tree in Place du Marché Gayot

Admiring a Christmas tree is all very well. Helping to decorate it is even better, don't you think? And you can do just that in Place du Marché Gayot! 

In a fun family atmosphere, you can make Christmas decorations on a theme to be revealed shortly... 

Be sure to hang your creations on the Christmas tree before you go, not forgetting to add a personal decoration that you've brought along for the occasion. Congratulations, you can now say that you've helped decorate a tree in the Capital of Christmas! 

Come to see the lights switched on at 5 p.m. daily!

Every day at 5 p.m. as night falls, the three Christmas trees simultaneously come to life. With lights and music, they gradually wake up and light up the square that hosts them, offering a wonderful sight for young and old alike. The bustle stops and everyone looks up, holding their breath for a moment in the light of such beauty. A magical moment when time seems to stand still...