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Support for Ukraine

Support for Ukraine

Published on 25 October 2023

Supporting the Ukrainian Community during Strasbourg Capital of Christmas

The City of Strasbourg continues to stand by the Ukrainian community to defend and preserve its identity and culture. A dedicated program is offered during Strasbourg Capital of Christmas.

DUMKA Choir Concert

On Thursday, November 30, starting at 6:30 PM Join at Strasbourg Cathedral from 6 PM onwards to attend the concert by the National Heart of Ukraine "DUMKA."

Ukrainian Artisans at Place des Meuniers

Ivanna PINYAK,

a micro-enterprise, offers a variety of products for sale:

  • Textile motanka dolls (angels, nativity/Christmas scenes, dressed in Alsace attire, Ukrainian colors, etc.) – www.motanka-art-doll.com
  • Embroidered T-shirts and tunics – Ukrainian designer
  • Ethnic shawls – Ukrainian producer
  • Wool socks and accessories – Ukrainian producers, Ukrainian designer refugee in Alsace
  • Knitted toys – Ukrainian designer refugee in Alsace
  • Decorated knitted mugs – Ukrainian designers refugee in Alsace
  • Decorative objects, painted items – Ukrainian designers
  • Accessories, jewelry – Ukrainian designers
  • Christmas tree decorations – Ukrainian designers
  • Epoxy resin creations: decorations and jewelry – creations by Yulia MYRONOVYCH, Ukrainian refugee in Alsace, associated with Ivanna Pinyak

Faine UA Ukrainian Foundation

The Christmas with Ukraine project was launched by the Faine UA Charitable Foundation to promote Ukrainian culture and producers in Europe. The list of products for sale includes:

Caps/Shawls/Embroidered shirts/Knitted socks/ Souvenirs (magnets, keychains, badges)/ Scented candles/ Uniforms/ Wooden products (boards, toys, utensils)/ Honey/ Kraft oil/ Compote/ Marshmallow/ Chocolate products/ Sweets/ Ceramics (dishes, figurines)/ New Year's toys and decoration (handcrafted with patriotic and Christmas symbols)/ Postcards (handmade)/ Notebooks and agendas

"Pâté Manufacture" - Exclusive Artisanal Confectionery House

Products available for sale:

Biscuits/Christmas-designed gingerbread cookies/ Pasta/ Panettone/ Creative desserts/ Cakes/ Eclairs/ Gingerbread houses/ Tea and coffee/ Glühwein/ Crepes/ Dumplings/ Vareniki/ Profiteroles