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Reusable Cups at the 2023 Edition

Reusable Cups at the 2023 Edition

Published on 15 December 2023

Reusable Cups at Strasbourg Christmas Market: Eco-Friendly and Supportive

An Eco-Friendly Cup

The reusable cup has become an essential item at the Christmas Market, contributing to making Strasbourg the Capital of Christmas a more eco-conscious and sustainable event. All market vendors offer the same reusable cups, marked with the event's colors. Exceptionally durable, these cups are washed and reused multiple times. Visitors can return them to vendors for a deposit or keep them as a souvenir of their magical stay in Strasbourg.

A Supportive Cup

Beyond its environmental benefits, the reusable cup also serves a charitable purpose. Visitors can drop their cups in designated collection bins throughout the market, making a donation to local charities. One cup donated equals one euro contributed. Last year, thousands of euros were collected, supporting a variety of associations in the region, including La Cloche, Bonheur d’un sourire, Les Petites Roues, Compagnons de l’espoir, Maraude du dimanche, O Cœur de la rue, La Maraude du partage, SAS, Coup D’Bol, Vélos du Cœur, La Maraude des Footeuse, PATATES (Partageons notre Amour et notre Temps en respectant les Animaux et la Terre de façon Équitable et Solidaire), and Avenir Jeunesse Football Hautepierre.

Experimenting with Bio-Sourced Cups

In addition to traditional reusable plastic cups, the city is experimenting for the second consecutive year with bio-sourced cups. Derived from non-GMO cereal transformation, these cups allow for composting and biodegradation. Perhaps you'll have the chance to come across these innovative cups while enjoying a glass of wine or hot chocolate!

Other Actions for Responsible Visitors

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