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Organizing a Toy Drive Within Your Company for Christmas

Organizing a Toy Drive Within Your Company for Christmas

Published on 28 November 2023

Among the responsible actions that companies can take during the holiday season, organizing a toy drive is an initiative that can be quickly implemented and unite teams around a charitable project.

Every year, the association Carijou offers toy collections in businesses.

A Collection Led by a Local Engaged Association

Carijou, a combination of "CARItas" and "JOUet," is a social integration project supported by the Charity Federation Caritas Alsace. Pioneering in the social and solidarity economy, it is the first structure for the revaluation of second-hand toys, established in 2000.

Carijou aims to prepare and support individuals distant from employment toward social and professional integration. Through meticulous sorting, cleaning, and assembly work, employees undergoing integration contribute to the principles of the circular economy and breathe new life into objects, thereby reducing a significant amount of unnecessary waste.

Toys are collected not only in companies but also from individuals, schools, toy distributors, and charitable organizations. They are then sorted, cleaned, assembled, reconstituted, refurbished, and sold at affordable prices in two solidarity shops (Strasbourg and Social Market at Shopping Promenade) and online (in partnership with the Emmaüs label).

Carijou collects a variety of items, including board games, puzzles, playing cards, small cars, trains, circuits, garages, books, CDs, DVDs, video games, consoles, bikes, scooters, rollerblades, sleds, skis, DIY materials (beads, stamps, modeling clay, etc.), construction games, costumes, imitation toys (figurines, dolls, cradles, kitchen, accessories), toys for infants (plush toys, comfort blankets, playmats, etc.).

How to Organize a Toy Drive?

To organize a toy drive, designate a coordinator within the company who will perform the following tasks:

  1. Contact Carijou, specifically Micia NICOD (mnicod.carijou@federationcaritasalsace.org), to organize the collection, with the possibility of receiving support (e.g., employee awareness).
  2. Define a location within the company for the collection. Carijou can provide containers and also takes care of their removal.
  3. Communicate information about the collection (sustainability approach, location, duration, condition of toy functionality) to the teams. The ideal duration is two weeks, and collections can be organized throughout the year, not just at Christmas.

The toys collected within the company benefit the general public but primarily target those with low resources, creating employment opportunities.

The association Carijou will have a stand at the Strasbourg OFF Market during the Christmas period. The Eurometropole de Strasbourg has a convention with the Charity Federation Caritas Alsace regarding Carijou for its integration workshop missions."