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The carbon footprint of the 2023 edition

Published on 27 December 2023

For several years now, Strasbourg Capitale de Noël has been working to reduce its impact on the environment. In order to put figures to these efforts, this year the city is carrying out a carbon audit of the 2023 event. Based on a series of data gathered from all the players involved, this assessment will serve as a working basis for making future editions even more responsible.

Working in four areas

To calculate the carbon footprint of Strasbourg Christmas Capital, the city is collecting data from four groups of stakeholders:

Eurometropole services

A large number of Eurometropole departments have been mobilised to ensure the success of the event. The city is interested in practices and productions linked to cleanliness, communication and particularly digital technology, illuminations, the work of the DDEA (Economic Development and Attractiveness Department) in terms of tourism, and the actions of the territories department (neighbourhood Christmas trees and their transport, etc.).


The city also records the data collected from the event's service providers and partners, such as the CTS for city transport, the airport, the Red Cross, the printers with whom the Eurometropole services work, the tourist office for hotel occupancy, etc.

The visitors

The practices of visitors are also taken into account in this report. To do this, the city has created an online survey in 4 languages, which is also available in hard copy at information points, to collect this information: travel, diet, type of purchases, etc.


Exhibitors also contribute to this account, by indicating how their goods are transported or providing information about the routes and types of transport they use to get to the Market on a daily basis.

Using all this information, the city wants to draw up a report on the impact of Strasbourg Christmas Capital on the environment, to make its actions more informed and effective. An initial assessment should be drawn up in spring 2024.