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Here is our selection of the must-sees during this festive period in Strasbourg.

Visit the different markets, discover our architectural heritage, the local culture and flavours… in a nutshell: experience a unique Christmas in the Alsatian capital.

An enchanting city

Christmas Lights

As Christmas draws closer, Strasbourg dons all its finery.

The streets, houses, sides of churches, windows and balconies twinkle with the light of a thousand candles thanks to the countless decorative elements, one of which is more original than the other.

Place Kléber

The Great Christmas Tree

Miles of garlands of light decorate the streets.

The Great Christmas Tree is the star of the Christmas lights. Proudly standing on Place Kléber, he could almost steal the show from the magnificent Notre-Dame cathedral. Almost!

(Re)Discover Alsace

The Alsatian Museum

The Alsatian Museum is located in 3 Renaissance residences which are linked by wooden stairs and corridors.

Its 5000 exhibits bear witness to rural life in Alsace in the 18th and 19th centuries. You can discover furniture, traditional costumes, ceramics, agricultural and viticultural equipment, toys, religious art and much more


A Secret Christmas

Dive into a private setting and unveil the best-kept secrets of Strasbourg, Capital of Christmas.

Shows, events, workshops, or a simple drink shared away from the crowds will guarantee you unforgettable moments. Entertaining and fun times to share with all those dear to you. But shhhh, don’t tell anyone!


The historical Christmas markets

The Christmas market of Strasbourg is one of the oldest and largest in Europe.

It is spread all over the old town and is particularly magical thanks to the various squares and alleys with different historic architecture.


The People Of Strasbourg Sing Christmas

In all corners of Strasbourg, Capital of Christmas, choirs invite you to join unexpected moments of sharing and emotion to celebrate the spirit of Christmas together through song.

Share a magical moment and sing “Vive le Vent” (Jingle Bells) in chorus with the Strasbourg choirs!


L'artisanat d'excellence

Excellent Craftsmanship

Discover masterpieces, know-how and revisited traditions by our craftspeople.


In 2018, the country of Father Christmas is coming to Strasbourg

During the Christmas festivities, an extra touch of magic takes hold of the City as we discover a guest country.


The OFF-Market

It’s an opportunity to experience the Christmas holidays through mindful consumption.

Here, we recycle, exchange, bargain-hunt, create and invent different, fair-trade, and original Christmas offerings.


Promenade Of Stars at Quai des Bateliers

The recently renovated “Quai des bateliers” and its magnificent walls are covered in lights for the Christmas period.

Let yourself be captivated by its magical light show: fireflies and giant stars will light up your eyes!


HAPPY 20! The MAMCS turns 20.

In 2018, we celebrated the 20th anniversary of the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Strasbourg (MAMCS).

Discover the invited artists.

UNESCO World Heritage

The Neustadt (New Town)

Neustadt is a district built at the end of the 19th century, when Strasbourg was the capital of Alsace-Lorraine during the Reichsland period.

The construction was a big undertaking, which included almost 10,000 new buildings and tripled the area of the city at that time.

Have a walk through the most picturesque quarter of Strasbourg

The Petite France

A visit to the old tannery district "Petite France" in the historic centre of Strasbourg is a must.

Don’t miss out on this certain charm of its half-timbered houses, winding narrow streets and canals that meander through this historic district.


The Alsatian Christmas Delicacies Market

Discover the traditional products of our beautiful region.

Numerous specialties and tastings take you on a journey through Alsace.


The Nativity Scene Tour

Throughout Strasbourg, rediscover the tradition of the nativity scene and admire the numerous scenes set up in private or public areas.

Every year, at Christmas, they come back to life to help you relive this birth, a symbol of joy and hope.