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Strasbourg, city of lights

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Strasbourg, city of lights

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As Christmas draws near, Strasbourg dons all its finery. The streets, houses, bridges, church facades and most beautiful monuments are clothed in light and offer everyone the emotion of being transported in the Christmas magic.

The Great Christmas Tree

Towering over Place Kléber, the Great Christmas Tree is the iconic symbol of Strasbourg Capitale de Noël. It shimmers majestically in an enchanted setting and appears like a dream of a starry night. For this 2022 event, its decorations revisit some of our ancestral traditions with a modern twist. It is decorated with rough wood shapes, light and airy white spheres and red baubles that remind us that early Christmas trees were decorated with apples.

Every evening, at nightfall, the tree lights up slowly, and with it the whole city is imbued with a unique and enchanted quality, immersing everyone in a space between dreams and reality.

Every hour from 5 p.m. for a light and music show at the Great Christmas Tree, place Kleber

When Strasbourg looks for its Christmas tree, the choice is based on a few essential criteria. It must have many branches and be tapered; the ideal size is 30 meters, its age about 70 years and its weight 6 to 8 tonnes. Since the first Great Christmas Tree, some 20 years ago, the City of Strasbourg and the National Forestry Department have been working together to ensure that Place Kléber gets one of the finest trees available. The foresters’ search for the tree begins several months before Strasbourg Capitale de Noël. This year, the Great Christmas Tree was selected from the trees of the state forest of Champ. For sustainable forest management, another tree is planted to replace the one that is felled. Who knows, it might become the Great Christmas Tree itself one day! 

The epic of the Great Christmas Tree does not stop there. Indeed, the tree must be brought to the city center of Strasbourg and decorated for its inauguration. About a dozen handlers, electricians, climbers and technicians are busy for a few weeks around the Great Christmas Tree so that you can admire it at its finest. 



grand sapin
étoiles lumineuses

Promenade of stars

From Pont du Corbeau up to Pont Saint-Guillaume, close to 400 stars hanging here and there pick out and enhance the rich historical and architectural heritage of Strasbourg.

Follow the stars that line this walk to offer you an unparalleled view of the Rohan Palace. Can you smell the sweet scents of bredle and mulled wine? The walk is magical!

Must-see illuminations

Discover the many illuminated decorations produced by Vitrines de Strasbourg in partnership with the City of Strasbourg. The air, water and land are all lit up to create a unique atmosphere. With your head in the stars, you will see the effulgent city in a totally different light. This 2022 edition of Strasbourg Capitale de Noël is dedicated by the City of Strasbourg to Pierre Bardet, Director of Vitrines de Strasbourg and creator of the illuminations, who passed away this year. With his passion, he tirelessly invited us all, regardless of our age, to dive into the magic of Christmas. 

At the pont du Corbeau, you reach rue du Vieux-Marché-aux-Poissons. Go through the Gate of lights and enter the magical world of Strasbourg Capitale de Noël. Christmas baubles with surprise decorations edged with red fringes will guide your steps towards the Great Christmas Tree. At the intersection of rue Mercière, five musical angels will lead you to the Place de la Cathédrale.

On rue des Tonneliers, look up and admire the 22 illuminated suspended barrels, which are a nod to the history of the street (its name translates as “Coopers’ street”). A few steps away, make sure you do not miss the Blue Tree and the 11 giant manneles of rue des Hallebardes, and rue de la Mésange with its giant forest. On Grand’Rue, notice the giant chandelier and its magical decorations. After the twinkling stars of the Petite France, make your way towards rue du 22 Novembre and place des Halles to see other illuminations.

To learn more about the Christmas lights and the energy savings achieved, visit the page “an authentic and exemplary market”.

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