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Parking and getting around

By car

Car parks and park-and-ride facilities (P+R)

Leave your car at a park-and-ride facility and get a return tram or bus ticket for all your passengers (up to 7 people). Simply park your car near a tram stop and travel onward to the city centre in just a few minutes.

Car parks open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

For more information and prices, go to: www.cts-strasbourg.eu.

  • P+R Rotonde : 450 spaces
  • P+R Baggersee : 460 spaces
  • P+R Ducs d'Alsace : 600 spaces
  • P+R Elsau : 230 spaces
  • P+R Hoenheim gare : 340 spaces
  • P+R Krimmeri Stade de la Meinau : 185 spaces
  • P+R Rives de l'Aar : 570 spaces
  • P+R Robertsau Boecklin : 147 spaces
  • P+R Poteries : 100 spaces
  • P+R Espace européen de l'entreprise : 170 spaces (Bus G)
  • P+R Tivoli-Wacken : 1 000 spaces

Conventional car parks near the Grande-Île

  • Parkings Halles
  • Wodli : 3 500 spaces
  • Parkings Rivetoile : 1 750 spaces
  • Parking Centre historique Petite France : 1 000 spaces  (including 400 additional spaces)

Other car parks: Austerlitz, Bateliers, train station, Saint Nicolas, council offices


Visit strasmap.eu/parking to see a map of all car parks and real-time space availability.


By tram

Strasbourg’s tram network is one of the easiest ways to get around the city.


  • trams do not stop at Broglie station between 25 November and 24 December

  • trams do not stop at Homme de Fer station during Christmas Markets opening hours

  • trams do not stop at Langstross Grand Rue station between 11 am and 8 pm at weekends and between 17 and 24 December

See bus/tram fares

By bike

Strasbourg has even more bicycle parking spaces!

There are 450 more spaces during the Christmas Markets period, including 250 new spaces at Place des Halles, Place d’Austerlitz, Rue de la Fonderie, Quai Saint-Etienne and in the Petite France quarter.

On foot

Strasbourg’s Grande-Île will become a fully pedestrianised zone, open to pedestrians 24 hours a day.