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Christmas of sharing

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Christmas of sharing

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The Village du Partage

Sitting at the foot of the Great Christmas tree in place Kléber, the Village du Partage is a place dedicated to associations since 2002. This tradition offers a sharing and listening time and sets the stage for:

  • The discovery of their missions and their values
  • Meeting the actors of current and future solidarity
  • Funding their actions thanks to the sale of their products in the stalls
  • Maintaining solidarity during the Christmas season

Pass through the village and come meet them. They need us and and they need you!

Follow the Village du Partage on Facebook to find out more about their actions and their news.

A collective in solidarity

This year, the Village du Partage welcomes over 90 associations acting in various social and societal matters and supportive of values such as citizenship, solidarity and brotherhood.

  • 41 associations for humanitarian aid or local and international solidarity
  • 18 associations of support for people and families facing disease, disability, etc.
  • 16 associations of solidarity, charities, promoting access to basic needs,, social integration
  • 5 associations fighting against all forms of discrimination
  • 6 service clubs
  • 3 associations ofpopular education and citizen participation
  • 2 associations for the defense and advocacy of human rights
  • 2 associations for the animal cause and the human-animal bond
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Our solidarity meetings

Starred Soup
Enjoy the famous soup concocted by four star chefs in a spirit of sharing, with the Humanis association.

A collection of donations for the most disadvantaged
Come and drop off your donations in the "collection" stall in the Village du Partage, every Monday in Place Kléber.

The traditional December 24 event
"Vivre Noël ensemble" invites you to this traditional meeting organized by the associations of the collective. Come to live this moment of sharing on December 24th from 5pm to 6.30pm on Place Kléber.

A program of meetings and animations
from Thursday 16 to Sunday 19 December in the rooms of the Aubette 1928, place Kléber.

Acting for solidarity

It's easy to make a commitment to the most disadvantaged: drop your reusable cup in the kiosks provided and make a €1 donation to an association of charities*.

The principle is simple :

  • I buy my reusable cup for 1€
  • I enjoy my wine or hot apple juice
  • I put my reusable cup in the kiosk installed near the restaurant areas of Place Kléber and Place Broglie
  • The money collected will be donated to an association of charities

Thank you for them !

*The name(s) of the partner associations will be communicated in January.

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