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A Magical Christmas

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The sky is full of snowflakes and the smell of bredele biscuits and mulled wine is in the air. A blanket of light covers the streets and guides visitors; the decorations are hung in the windows, choirs are singing out on every street corner, and just like that, magic is happening. Stroll through the alleyways at the foot of the Cathedral, Place du Marché aux Poissons, or Place Broglie and savour our rich traditions and authentic know-how.

The Christmas Lights

As Christmas draws closer, Strasbourg dons all its finery. The streets, houses, sides of churches, windows and balconies twinkle with the light of a thousand candles thanks to the swathes of decorations, each more original than the last.

A Shower of Twinkling Lights

A ceiling of twinkling lights brings magic to the entire length of the Grand rue, and visitors are welcomed through two illuminated entrances on each side.

The Magic’halles

At the Place des Halles, two magical trees decorated with authentic characters invite visitors to revisit their childhood memories: stars, rocking horses, bears...

Stroll under Twinkling, Illuminated Barrels, rue des Tonneliers

22 illuminated and twinkling barrels are hung up high as a nod to the history of the street, where the barrels delivered to the docks were then rolled to the businesses.

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The Nativity Scene Tour

Throughout Strasbourg, rediscover the tradition of the nativity scene and admire the numerous nativity scenes

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