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The star of Strasbourg, Capital of Christmas

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L’étoile de Strasbourg Capitale de Noël 2021

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Decorate your homes, your windows, or your tree with the star of Strasbourg, Capital of Christmas 2021!

Here is a tutorial to make this paper star yourself, like the one that was crafted by the Strasbourg artist Emilie Angebault for this year's Strasbourg, Capital of Christmas.

This year, “Let's light up the stars” is an invitation to dream, be filled with wonder and enjoy a unique experience by the light of all the stars that will illuminate the city: those that shine in people's eyes and hearts at the idea of getting ready for the magic of Christmas, but above all the star that we are inviting you to make, which you will be able to hang up in your homes, on your tree, at your windows...

It will take you a few minutes to create this star and share with your family or friends this craft time that will bring us all together this year. It’s very simple: a few snips of the scissors, a few folds and there you have it! You are free to decorate the star as you please.

Christmas star templates



  • Print out the two sheets in the tutorial. Cut out the stars and mark all the folds on one side and then the other.
  • Fold the points of the stars, alternating mountain and valley folds as shown in the template.
  • Fold the tabs inward, clearly marking the folds and then glue the tabs and place the other star on top, matching up the points.
  • Once the two sections are glued together, gently push the points inward to give the star volume! And there you go. Hang it up wherever you like!

So let’s get to it, everyone can have a star at their window!