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Rubrique - Noël à Strasbourg

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A story that has been reinventing itself since 1570 and sets the heart of an entire city beating. Its famous Christmas market, the "Christkindelsmärik" the Alsatian dialect name given to the traditional "Christ Child Market", is one of the oldest in Europe.

This 2021 event, entitled "Let’s light the stars", takes on a very special dimension. It celebrates the joy and warmth of being at the foot of the Great Christmas tree and of enjoying the many stalls set up in the various squares of the Grande Île. This event sets the scene of a more spacious Strasbourg, Capital of Christmas, where Christmas values gradually find their full meaning.

In the glimmer of the stars that light up the city, those reflected in the eyes of young and old and that warm hearts, numerous activities are available from 26 November. They take us back to our childhood memories, those where tales and legends open the imagination wide.

"Let’s light the stars" is a real invitation to dream, to marvel and to enjoy a unique experience. Together, let’s use this time when we look to others to perpetuate traditions and share a magical, authentic and united Christmas.