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Christmas markets

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The Christmas Markets

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Discover the wonder of Strasbourg, Capital of Christmas, and let yourself be captivated by a unique atmosphere.

Enjoy the trip of your dreams thanks to more than 300 stalls, kilometres of fairy lights, the majestic Great Christmas Tree, dazzling shows and concerts, and an unforgettable Christmas celebration.

Whatever your age, rediscover Christmas and experience a Magical Christmas.

Enjoy Christmas and its atmosphere, events, and activities, with young and old flitting between dreams and reality for a completely captivating experience.

Stall Opening Hours

  • 11 am to 8 pm every day
  • 2 pm to 9 pm on 26 November
  • 11 am to 6 pm on 24 December
  • 2 pm to 6 pm on 25 December
  • 12 am to 6 pm on 26 December