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The snowflake of Strasbourg Capitale de Noël 2022

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Le flocon de Strasbourg Capitale de Noël 2022

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This year, the event is illustrated by a snowflake like those that swirl in the sky in winter. The magic can be felt in the air.

“Let us share the magic” is an invitation to experience moments of sharing and conviviality during the four weeks leading up to Christmas. Once again this year, Strasbourg Capitale de Noël invites you to decorate your houses, windows and trees with the emblem of the 2022 edition designed and created by the Strasbourg artist Emilie Angebault. 

Take part in this great experience by making a pretty paper snowflake at home, with your family or friends. All it takes is a pair of scissors, a few folds and some dots of glue! Get cutting!

Download the snowflake pattern and then just follow the tutorial: 


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