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The Christmas of culture and heritage

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The Christmas of culture and heritage

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With family or with friends, find out about the extended cultural program, to live fully this Christmas season. Discover or rediscover the Christmas traditions through exhibitions, shows, concerts, and more.

Christmas is getting ready at the museums...

Themed collections, varied and fascinating exhibitions, the Museums of Strasbourg form one of the largest networks of French museums and offer a rich and diverse cultural experience.

In particular, go on themed tours organised by the Alsatian Museum on the arts and popular traditions of Alsace.

... in media libraries...

Christmas wouldn’t really be Christmas without the stories to enjoy... Almost twelve special Christmas "story hours" will be take place every Wednesday through the network of media libraries.

Two shows for young audiencesare also planed:

  • "Neige", a musical ballad by Mélanie Rougeux and Agnès Duret, a sweet time at the heart of winter.
  • "Y’aura-t-il de la dinde à Noël ?" a show by la Compagnie les imaginoires

... and at the 5e Lieu

Christmas will be celebrated encouraging the "do it yourself" and warmth!

As a family, come and learn how to decorate and adorn your Christmas bauble with AV Lab, puis, then, follow the footsteps of Gutenberg, design your own printed greeting card with Nůn.

For gourmets, Sonia Verguet will host a tasting event of kugelhopf (yummy!).

While the most curious will be told thestory of the traditional Christmas tree...

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