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Some tips to enjoy the Christmas Market safely

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To enjoy the Christmas Market safely:

  • Accept and anticipate security checks at the various entry points into the city carried out in order to guarantee the safety of all. Do not carry dangerous objects like knives, weapons, etc.;
  • Do not leave your luggage unattended (suitcases, bags, shopping bags, shopping carts, etc.);
  • If you witness suspicious activity or behaviour, please call the police at 17;
  • Protect yourself against pickpockets by paying particular attention to your personal belongings;
  • For cyclists, preferably follow the materialized routes on the ground in the city centre and put your foot on the ground when passing through the security checkpoints;
  • Preferably use public transport and "Park-and-Ride" (P+R) if you are getting to Strasbourg by car. P+R allows you and your passengers (maximum 7 people) to get to the city centre with a group ticket that covers parking charges and a return trip by bus and/or tram;
  • Respect road signs, especially in terms of parking on the outskirts of the Christmas Market area.