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The Heart of Christmas

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The beating heart of Strasbourg, Capital of Christmas, Place Kléber hosts the Great Christmas Tree, a symbol of the Christmas festivities and the universal values of this time of sharing. Place Kléber is the sparkling centre of the magic of a Strasbourg Christmas, and the starting point of a timeless experience.

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The Great Christmas Tree

Erected in the heart of Place Kléber, the Great Christmas Tree is the essential symbol of Strasbourg, Capital of Christmas. This year, its decorations will honour the traditional letter to Father Christmas, which we all wrote while dreaming of the much sought-after toys. Visit the tree every day to experience its majestic lights come ablaze and see the wonder of young and old alike. As night falls, the Great Christmas Tree gently awakens with lights and music, and with it, the entire Place Kléber lights up and comes to life, followed by the side of the Aubette and the enchanting stalls. Visitors young and old will marvel at the magic of the event.

The Village of Sharing

Christmas carries the values of sharing and brotherhood between all humankind. At a time when winter is setting in and humanity is faced with major challenges, this moment reminds us of the importance of strengthening brotherly spirit. Once again this year, some one hundred support, charity and humanitarian associations are ready to welcome you to the Village of Sharing, under the Great Christmas Tree in Place Kléber, at the centre of the city.

Some one hundred support, charity and humanitarian associations invite you to come and meet them, discuss what drives them and share their solidarity actions at the Village of Sharing in Place Kléber.

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