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null Strasbourg, Capital of Christmas: another look for the edition 2020

Strasbourg, Capital of Christmas: another look for the edition 2020

Strasbourg, Capital of Christmas: another look for the edition 2020

Published on 22 October 2020

Since taking office, all elected representatives wished to make sure to keep events and activities in Strasbourg and in the Eurometropolis, while respecting the health care constraints and the security risk.

For this 2020 edition of "Strasbourg Christmas Capital" a large number of economic and associative actors were involved for the organization, in close consultation with the prefecture authorities and the ARS (Regional Health Organization). This working-cooperation made it possible to propose an organizational plan of the Christmas Market to the State authorities on Friday, October 16th. This document contains two scenarios for the "Strasbourg Christmas Capital 2020" event: the first one with the usual 300 Christmas market chalets, the second one without the chalets - both proposals taking into account the health and safety requirements submitted over the past few weeks.

However Strasbourg, where the health situation has recently worsened, cannot be considered as being in a bubble. Many French cities have been under curfew since last week - a situation that Strasbourg will probably experience soon. On the German side, the situation is also worrying, which has led the authorities to limit cross-border traffic – this represents already a loss of customers for the market merchants. In addition to this health situation, there is also the security context, which has become very tense since the tragic attack last week.

These observations led Jeanne Barseghian, Mayor of Strasbourg, and her colleagues to make the decision that the solution without Christmas chalets is the only one applicable this year.

Jeanne Barseghian described this edition of the Christmas Market as follows:
"I took this decision with full responsibility, as much out of respect for the health of Strasbourg citizens and visitors, as by taking into account the impossibility of the different Christmas Market merchants and actors to recoup their costs, if the event is maintained without sufficient attendance or cancelled of the last minute.

We are aware of the very big difficulties that many economic players and associations are facing this year. This is why we are working, in conjunction with state services and with other cities, on solutions to accompany and support them.

Chalets or not, Strasbourg remains and will remain the Capital of Christmas. This year, the whole month of December, our city will still be lively and illuminated as it should. Our majestic Christmas tree will also sparkle in the city center, on Place Kléber. Artistic strolls, concerts and activities will, I hope, provide that warm Christmas atmosphere that we all enjoy".