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Back Des cadeaux en forme de rosace pour les amoureux de Strasbourg !

Rose window presents for fans of Strasbourg !

Rose window presents for fans of Strasbourg !

Published on 9 November 2022

It’s difficult to find something more typical of the city than the rose window of its celebrated cathedral. To mark the festive season, local craftsmen have come up with a range of products with the famous window as the central theme.

The idea first originated with an Alsatian baker and his daughter, Marie Zweibrucker, who together designed a cake, La Rosace de Strasbourg, decorated with the outline of a rose window. The cakes come in a special gift box, illustrated by local artist Pascklin and each box also contains a story about the cathedral. The collection also includes other delicious treats, such as chocolate rose windows.
Pâtisserie Kautzmann is in rue du Noyer in the city centre, and here you can find chocolate in the form of the cathedral’s rose window, made of milk chocolate 35% or plain chocolate 61%.

Strasbourg jewellers Roze offer a collection of French-made gold or silver plated brass jewellery inspired by the cathedral’s rose window. An ideal present for expressing affection for the city, Roze products can be found in the Régent Petite France, Sofitel, and Boma hotels.

Strasbourg artist Loïc Thirion and woodworker/designer Jean-Luc Sifferlin offer a collection of rose window designs made of revolutionary valchromat wood fibres. A great way of inviting Strasbourg into your living room! Tel Menuiserie Sifferlin: +33 (3) 88 20 40 24.

City-centre jewellers Arthus Bertrand offer a blue and ochre enamel rose window on an 18-carat gold medal.

Did you know that while most cathedral rose windows are depicted with 12 petals, Strasbourg Cathedral’s rose window actually has 16? The architect wanted to use a multiple of 8, as this is the number symbolising divine perfection.