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angle-left Why is Christmas the most highly anticipated celebration of the year?
Why is Christmas the most highly anticipated celebration of the year?

Why is Christmas the most highly anticipated celebration of the year?

Published on 1 October 2019

Each year, Christmas is THE holiday that everyone is waiting for. And each year, it inspires the imagination of thousands of people around the world.
But why is this celebration so popular?

Originally a Christian holiday, nowadays Christmas is celebrated around the world for its values that bring people together. Peace, sharing, joy and friendliness are just a few words that come to mind when we talk of Christmas. Young and old alike look forward to this holiday with a renewed sense of enthusiasm every year. Everyone can't wait for Christmas to come! And in this early autumn period, the sense of anticipation is getting stronger and stronger...

We can't wait to rediscover the magic of Christmas, of course. To see all these beautiful decorations that adorn the streets and facades, contemplate the smiles of wonder on children's faces, hear Christmas carols, and watch holiday movies, as well as smell the delicious aromas of this festive season, such as cinnamon and pine, to name just a few. Christmas is a celebration that takes us all back to our childhood. A sort of timeless Proust's madeleine that we rediscover each year with the same emotion and passion.

We also love this celebration for the moments of happiness and sharing it brings us. Fun times spent with friends and above all family are an integral part of the Christmas spirit. This time of the year offers the opportunity for games and walks and a host of activities that highlight the intergenerational aspect of this unmissable religious holiday that brings people together. And it really is true: Christmas is one of the few holidays in the year that allows families to come together in a joyful, calm atmosphere where they can meet, share and discuss.

Christmas is also much awaited because it is the time of year that has the best recipes and when we eat the best food. Stuffed turkey, yule log with cream, Christmas bredele, and much more: our mouths can't help but water at the mere thought of these delicious treats! The must-have dishes that are offered at the table are as popular as ever and are sure to delight gourmands and gourmets alike.

A magical, festive atmosphere, moments of joy and laughter, generous high-quality meals: in other words, Christmas is the holiday that everyone loves.