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angle-left Christmas: The celebration which calls on all 5 senses
Christmas: The celebration which calls on all 5 senses

Christmas: The celebration which calls on all 5 senses

Published on 6 November 2019

Of all the celebrations, Christmas is certainly the celebration which calls on our senses the most. The occasion for the sense of smell, sight, hearing, taste and touch to experience a whole host of sensations!

Christmas is above all a feast for the eyes. Lights sparkling on every street corner, the beautiful lights adorning houses and streets, the colored decorations hanging from the trees. There are also the warm and intense colors we associate with Christmas, like green or red or even white. Then there are of course all these Christmas objects such as bredele tins, nativity scenes and Christmas jumpers… And even nature is joining in, reminding us that the Christmas festivities are approaching, with the return of the snow.

Christmas obviously involves the sense of smell. Who doesn’t feel like they have instantly been transported in time to December when they smell the delicious smell of gingerbread or mulled wine? So yes, Christmas has a smell. That of the freshly cut Christmas tree, of cedar wood, fireplaces, hot chestnuts, cinnamon, freshly baked menele, mulled wine… Just at the memory of these heady odors, Christmas is here.

Smell goes hand in hand with taste. We often want to eat something that smells good. This applies to gingerbread, bredele, stollen, chocolate but also salmon, foie gras, hot chestnuts and truffles… These delicious dishes, eaten in the festive period, are the proof that Christmas celebrations are unquestionably linked to what we eat!

Christmas also means getting cold... Leaving the house, the tip of the nose barely covered, putting your hands in the snow. But it also means getting warm. Wrapping up snugly in big blankets at home or warming cold feet on the radiator. And yes, Christmas is synonymous with comfortable materials such as wool, cashmere or velvet, all silky and cozy. Christmas is also the time for making things, like Advent crowns, home-made decorations and bredele, Christmas is within reach.

Hearing for the Christmas songs above all! Of course, Christmas means songs, choirs and musicals. But it is also the fire crackling in the fireplace, the soft tinkling of bells hanging from the tree, the crunching of feet in the snow... All these sounds are a delight to the ears during the Christmas festivities and are an integral part of the magic of Christmas.