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Toys of yesteryear

Toys of yesteryear

Published on 11 November 2019

In the run up to Christmas, live your second childhood and remember the toys of yesteryear which previous generations grew up with…

Toys have always been around. In prehistoric times, cavemen polished small stones to occupy or comfort children. The appearance of new materials and the change in mindsets gave rise to new toys, that parents made themselves for their children. Mothers sewed little rag dolls and fathers carved objects out of wood.

For a long time wood was one of the raw materials used to make toys such as rocking horses, dogs on wheels, trains, cars or even planes… Simplicity and authenticity are the main qualities of these toys of yesteryear which kept children amused for hours. With their very own natural beauty and charm, they have a smell and texture which make them as much special as irreplaceable. The result of genuine craftsmanship, wooden toys have survived through centuries, and even if today they are in competition with more modern toys, they never go out of fashion.

These toys of old were a genuine means of exchange and interaction between children, and are still today a symbol of conviviality and sharing.