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angle-left Lebanon comes to Strasbourg
Lebanon comes to Strasbourg

Lebanon comes to Strasbourg

Published on 31 October 2019

Like each year, Strasbourg welcomes a country to celebrate Christmas near and far. This year its Lebanon in the spotlight, place Gutenberg.

Multicultural country by excellence, Lebanon is the genuine birthplace of monotheistic religions. Many different religions coexist there and more than 30% of the population is Christian and therefore celebrates Christmas.

A particular emphasis will be placed on Byblos, the ancient Phoenician port that saw the birth of the modern alphabet, which has now become a city that is a symbol of diversity.

In Lebanon, and in Byblos especially, Christmas is a religious and cultural celebration which embodies the desire of numerous communities without the country to live together, in observance of the values of sharing, peace and fraternity.

The Lebanese are very attached to ancestral Christmas traditions and make it a celebration of capital importance in their beautiful country. They hang pretty decorations, prepare delicious dishes and cakes, and listen to the sweet sounds of yesterday. All this in a convivial and festive spirit, characteristic of Christmas. 

In order to do Lebanese customs proud, Strasbourg inhabitants and tourists will be able to discover local craftsmanship, regional produce and other traditional gourmet treats, which will help to bring the magic of a Lebanese Christmas to life at the very heart of the Capital of Christmas. A unique occasion to discover the wealth of Christmas from elsewhere with values nevertheless very similar to our own.

For an extra touch of magic, a cultural agenda will be proposed by the Lebanese Embassy in France and several partners. Fayha Choir from the town of Tripoli will open the festivities, with a concert called “Christmas in the East”. Other events will be organized such as conferences and literary and artistic creation workshops for children.

Photo credit: Harbel Fersan photography