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Back Le Grand sapin bientôt sur la place Kleber !

The big Christmas tree is coming soon !

The big Christmas tree is coming soon !

Published on 24 October 2022

The Big Christmas tree soon takes centre-stage on Place Kleber !

Since the first big Christmas tree, around 20 years ago, the city of Strasbourg and the French forestry authority "Office National des Forêts" (ONF) have been working together to ensure that  the "Grand Sapin " (Christmas tree) takes centre-stage on Place Kléber. Henri-Pierre Gangloff, head of the ONF production unit, travels hundreds of kilometers every year to find the " perfect fir tree ", which will be large and branched enough, perfectly conical, to stand majestically proud and impressive over the central square of the city centre.

This year, the giant tree was selected from the national forest of Champ between Saulcy-sur-Meurthe and Saint-Léonard.
The transport of the fir from its forest contributes to the sustainable management of the forests guaranteed by the ONF. More than 120 hours of work are required for the ONF team and its tree climbers to organize the travel of the symbolic Christmas tree to Strasbourg. The first stage is to strap this giant down - so it doesn't fall off during the cut - and then, after the cut, using two cranes, delicately and carefully install it on the trailer.
Each branch is then folded and tied to the trunk for ease of transport.

The arrival at Place Kléber is scheduled for Friday October 28th. Two cranes will lift it before it is wedged and cemented.

This year's 60-year-old tree is almost thirty meters high and weighs almost 6 tons.

Download more information about the Christmas tree and its decoration 2022